Priestley Elementary School
423 Cannery Road
Northumberland, PA 17857
Phone: 570-473-3261
Principal: Mr. Roy Burns

Faculty & Staff

Diane VanKirk - KDG
Mary Hepner - KDG

Angie Persing - KDG

Heather Krouse - 1st Grade 
Marilyn Lynch - 1st Grade

Bria Felmy - 1st Grade

Kathy Stettler - 2nd Grade

Michelle Aurand - 2nd Grade

Cody Bottiger - 2nd Grade

Sammi Zeigler - 3rd Grade

Joshua Beddall - 3rd Grade

Shane Snyder - 3rd Grade

Jill Lauffer - 4th Grade

Elizabeth Rohrbach - 4th Grade

Kirsten Weller - 4th Grade

Ryan Bucher - 5th Grade

Kristen Gauger - 5th Grade

Stephanie Bowman - 5th Grade

Debra Pennington - Learning Support

Tara Paige - Speech/Language
Alaina Morrison - Title I Reading

Oriana Long - Reading Interventionist

Greg Baney - Physical Education

Minda Fogarty - Librarian

Christine Shemory - Librarian Aide

Mark Lenig - Music

Ryan Albertson - Art

Carla Ferry - Gifted Education

Denise Snyder - Nurse

Dave Hoffman - Guidance Counselor


April Events
  • 3rd-6th ELA PSSAs (3rd-5th Grades)
  • 3rd-7th Mobile Ag Lab
  • 4th Mr. Sticky orders and money are due
  • 5th Banking Day
  • 7th end of the 3rd Marking Period
  • 11th-19th Spring Book Fair
  • 11th 5th Grade Meet & Greet at Beck
  • 13th Mr. Sticky pick-up 4:00-6:00 pm
  • 13th PTA Meeting 6:00 pm
  • 14th No School
  • 17th Make-Up Day (students have school)
  • 17th Report Cards go home
  • 17th RIF (1st Grade)
  • 17th Book Fair Family Night 6:00 pm
  • 20th Weis Mkt. Nutrition Assembly (2nd Grade)
  • 25th-27th Math PSSAs (3rd-5th Grades)
  • 26th Author Visit from the Priestley-Forsyth Library (Kg-2nd)
  • 26th McTeachers' Night for 5th Grade Camp 5-7 pm

  • May 2nd-3rd Science PSSAs (4th Grade)
  • May 8th-12th 5th Grade Camp

  • Due to the emergency day on Wednesday, January 11th, school will be in session on Friday, May 12th.
  • Due to the emergency day on Tuesday, January 31st, school will be in session on Friday, March 17th. 
  • Due to the emergency day on Thursday, February 9th, school will be in session on Monday, April 17th.
  • Changes to the end of the school year
    • June 8th is now a full day for students.
    • June 9th is the last student day and is a half day.
    • June 12th and 13th are Act 80 days for teachers.