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Closure Resources

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) School Closure
Online Learning Resources

Kid Reading on a Tablet

Check out my list of websites and apps for more online learning.

Please see the CSIU website for K-12 home learning resources and activities.

K-2 Resources:

Phonological awareness, the ability to notice the sound structure in words, is essential for reading. Phonological awareness activities include identifying rhyming words, counting syllables in words, and blending sounds to make words.

Click here to access some YouTube videos of the word play activities that I use in my K-2 classes.

(I use the purple book for kindergarten, the blue book for first grade, and the yellow book for second grade.)

Click here to access some free home instruction lessons in phonological awareness and phonics reading passages.

Shikellamy K-2 Bingo Board - Pick 3 activities each day. Color in the box when you have completed it.

Shikellamy Bingo Board #2 - Pick 3 activities each day. Color in the box when you have completed it.

3-5 Resources:

Go on a home safari!   Cute Elephant

Click here to pick an animal from the Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari YouTube playlist.

Watch the video. Write a paragraph about the animal. Include at least 3 facts mentioned in the video.

Play a board game.

Many board games incorporate reading, oral language, and/or vocabulary development.
Here are just a few suggestions:    

Apples to Apples
Taboo Junior

Book Bingo - Color in a square when you have completed the activity. Listening to books counts, too!
                            (Visit Storylineonline.net to listen to some stories.)