Check for the homework sheet the beginning of each week!

Homework should take anywhere from 20-30 minutes each day.  If your child is taking longer than that, you will both be frustrated!  

Reading...Each day, spend some time reading.  There may be a specific reading assignment on the homework sheet or it may be a 'free read'.  Help your child enjoy his/her reading experience.  Listen to your child read, read together, take turns reading...the important part is that they are hearing the story.  Ask questions throughout the reading in order to check for understanding.

Spelling...We will have a Spelling pretest every Wednesday.  If your child scores 100%, they do not have to do any more Spelling homework for the week.  If any words are misspelled, a posttest will be given on Friday for the final grade.  I do not assign specific Spelling homework, unless poor grades are resulting.  At that point, specific assignments will be made to be turned in until scores increase.  Otherwise, spelling is studied and practiced on your own.

Vocabulary...Study the words daily.  Use them in sentences and check that your child understands what the words mean.  The vocabulary test is typically given on Thursdays.

Math...Daily assignments will be listed on the homework sheet.  Counting money and making change, telling time, measuring using inches and centimeters, addition and subtraction...these are all skills that can be practiced at any time.