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This Week in Language Arts

This Week in ….


  1. story -Head, Body, Legs

  2. cause and effect

  3. rereading

  4. linking verbs: Forms of be

  5. context clues

  6. phonemic awareness: identify, categorization, blending

  7. dipthongs ou, ow

  8. capitalization of proper nouns

  9. Retelling the events in a story’s beginning, middle, and end.  

  10. problems and solutions. 

  11. subjects and predicates

  12. sound of er, ir, ur

  13. spelling option procedure for the the ir, er, ur sound

  14. combining r controlled syllables with er, ir, and ur with other syllable types

  15. dictionary skills

  16. sample words: burst, termite, dirty

  17. trick words: picture, learn, earth, father, brother, mother

  18. Capitalization/Punctuation

  19. Complete sentences/ Neat handwriting  

  20. cursive writing (lowercase letters, cursive words, starting upper case letters)

  21. Snowman Stories with Beginning, Middle, and End

  22. Couplet Writing with Hot Chocolate Art



                    *Birds and Mammals

                    *Reptiles, Fish, and Amphibians

                    * Animal Life Cycles


                    * Migration

                    * Habitats



Social Studies

*Groundhog Day