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This Week in Language Arts

                          This week in.....

Reading: (Reviews of different topics)

  • Fluency passage  - The Sun Bear

  • Story structure

  • abbreviations

  • Letter structure



* proper and common nouns

*Complete sentences/ Neat handwriting  

*cursive writing



                                    Penny Soapy Water (Surface Tension) Experiment

  Living vs. Nonliving Things



*letter, keyword, sound of consonants and vowels

* Review suffixes -s, -es, and -ed.

* additional sounds of -ed, suffix (d and t)

* comparison suffixes  -er, -est,

* spelling procedures for words with suffixes

* forming plurals

*forming present and past tense

            *categorizing vowel and consonant    


       *fluent passage reading oa, oe, ow,

         ou, oo, ue, ew

       *trick words: again, please, animal,  sure, use, used

       *sample words: stronger, tallest, 

                spilled, passed


  •      Suffixes