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This Week's Homework


                                            MRS. AURAND’S 2ND GRADE          HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS

Monday, January 15h, 2018 to Friday, January 19th, 2018





     Other News

 Parent Communication (Please initial)


Monday, January 15th







No school

teacher in-service





Tuesday, January 16th

Day 5

1. Math 7-3 Pages 407-408 (#1,2,3,5)


2.Read the Geckos passage.


3. Spelling pages 57 and 58

Guidance video




Swimming  - Bring swimsuit, towel, and bag.



Wednesday, January 17th

Day 6

1.Math 7-4 Pages 413-414 (#1,2,4)


2. Read the Geckos passage.


2. In your small notebook, write your vocabulary words and the definition for each one.



Stirring Up Memories Selection Test


Thursday, January 18th

Day 1

1.Math 7-5 Pages 419-420 (#1,2,4,5)


2. Read the Geckos passage.


3. Spelling pages 59 (A and B) and 60 (A)

Computer time


Vocabulary quiz


Grammar quiz


Friday, January 19th

Day 2

      No Homework




Good News Club


Spelling test


Reading Test


Pennies for Patients Assembly



Parents: Please initial your child's homework sheet and return it to school tomorrow. Remember to visit our class website to check on class information J Please contact me with any concerns or questions!