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Welcome to Speech and Language!

Speech and Language Support Services

Hello!  If you're visiting this page, you may be looking for information about the speech-language services offered at Priestley Elementary.  First, let me introduce myself...

My name is Tara Paige.  This is my sixth year at Priestley Elementary and I am very excited to provide speech and language services to the students here.  I have 22 years of experience working with children and adults of all ages and 16 years of experience with the school-age population.  I LOVE being part of a school and helping students reach their fullest potential educationally.  That is why Speech/Language is often referred to as "support services".  I view my role as supporting students so that their speech and/or language differences have the least impact on their education and academic progress.  Since I began my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, my role in the educational setting has changed.  I have the opportunity to work with students whose language differences are impacting their literacy (reading and writing) skills.  Because language skills are the foundation for learning and literacy, I have the awesome responsibility of helping these students build firm foundational language skills so that they are more successful learners, readers, and writers.

If you have concerns about a Priestley student, please contact me or let his/her teacher know.  I will be glad to begin the screening process, which may include any of the following:  teacher interview, parent interview, academic record review, student interview, observation, formal and informal screening tools.  If after gathering this information I determine there is a need for more information, I may schedule more visits with your student, speak directly with his/her parents and/or teacher regarding suggestions and strategies, or recommend a speech-language evaluation at which time I would obtain parent permission to proceed.

In order to qualify for a Speech-Language IEP (Individualized Education Plan), your student must meet the following criteria:
1) demonstrate a minimum of a 25% delay in his/her speech or language skills when compared to other children his/her age
2) speech/language affects him/her academically, socially, or his/her ability to communicate effectively
3) his/her speech/language draws attention to itself (e.g., stuttering, articulation deficit, etc.)
I hope this information is helpful. If you have additional questions, please contact me at paiget@shikbraves.org or by calling Priestley Elementary.